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FireOmEarth Bamboo Flute - (Plain or Painted) Random Pitch - Product Image

FireOmEarth Bamboo Flute - (Plain or Painted) Random Pitch

Six holed sequential diatonic scale. Chromatics possible. Made of high quality cured bamboo. Accurate tuning. These flutes are tuned to themselves. Steps are correct, songs are playable. Comes with finger chart and basic instructions for playing and care.

Choice of Plain or Painted (Mythical, Flowers, Birds) and 3 sizes: Small - 11"-15", high pitched Medium - 15"-18", in most vocal ranges Large - 19"-24", requires large finger spread

Craig plays a medium-sized bamboo flute (G).
Click Play to hear a small, bamboo flute (D).

Optional Song Book in tableture, easy to follow, collection of simple songs for the bamboo flute ($5) and Cloth Carry Bag to protect the beautiful hard wax finish of your flute ($5)

Price:   $50.00 
Plain or Painted  
With/Without Song Book  
With/Without Carry Bag  

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