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FireOmEarth Bamboo Flutes - Specific Pitch (Plain or Painted) (14 TUNINGS) - Product Image

FireOmEarth Bamboo Flutes - Specific Pitch (Plain or Painted) (14 TUNINGS)

In key Bamboo Flutes. Size approx. 11"-24".


These 14 flutes are tuned to play in specific keys. We build them from the key of high D above high C to the key of middle C. All sizes are approximate. Select Tunings:


  • High D above High C - 11", ideal for Irish music
  • C#D flat - 11 1/2" unusual key, bluesy overtones
  • C - 12" most familiar to band students. Piccolo
  • B - 13" fun key, hard to finger in modern flute
  • A#B flat - 14" fife key, lots of American folk music, marches played in this key
  • A - 15" fife key, matches well with fiddle
  • G#A flat - 16" unusual key, good choice for something different
  • G - 17" ideal sitting around campfire, good all around flute key
  • F#G flat - 18" unusual key, dark and haunting
  • F - 19" classical voice
  • E - 20" starts same place as guitar, lower voice, larger finger stretch
  • D#E flat - 21" instant blues
  • D - 22" above middle C, popular large flute, low voice
  • C#D flat - 23" large deep dark voice, good meditation flute both in playing and in listening
  • Middle C - 24" largest, requires large finger stretch.
All sizes are approximate.
Plain or Optional ($6) Choice of 3 designs: Mythical Beasts, Flowers, Birds.
Optional Song Book in tableture, easy to follow, collection of simple songs for the bamboo flute ($5) and Cloth Carry Bag to protect the beautiful hard wax finish of your flute ($5)


Click Play to hear Craig play a large bamboo flute.

Price:   $60.00 
With/Without Song Book  
With/Without Carry Bag  

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