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Goddess sculpture - Transformation Cycladic Goddess (Europe 3rd millennium b.c.e.) - Product Image

Goddess sculpture - Transformation Cycladic Goddess (Europe 3rd millennium b.c.e.)

These goddess sculptures are reproductions of original pieces excavatged in various parts of the world.
The clay pieces are sagger fired, rendering the caly vitrified (in a fired state) but leaving it porous, thus making it perfect for annointing with your favorite essential oil. The clay will hold the oil and slowly diffuse the scent over a period of time.

Transformation Cycladic Goddess - This beautiful statue comes from the Cycladea Islands off Greece. While many of the Cycladic images are standing, all seem to be in meditation or trance. The absence of facial features imply an emphasis on what we call altered states of consciousness. These deities are related to the death and rebirth aspect of the Goddess, since the 'death' of the ego, even if only temporary is necessary for deep meditation.

Size: 3" - 4"
Price: $16 - comes with information card

Price:   $16.00 

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